Collaborate With Design Dua

Are you interested in collaboration with Design Dua? We love to work with content creators. As a cooperative, we have limited inventory and can not collaborate the same as manufactured brands.

We do this in the following way: 

Content Creation

If you are a Social Media influencer or Blogger with less than 75k reach (followers, engagement, views, etc). We provide refunds for purchases up to $250 for the following content. 

  • Six Full size, High Resolution Photos emailed to us at 
  • One Tag in a feed post. 
  • Story unboxing upon receipt. 

We require all photos to be of the product in safe use position. This means photos can not be taken with infant loungers, pillows, sherpa rugs/throws, or any other item inside the bassinet or changing basket. Swaddles, light blankets, or small toys can be added. We ask that photos are taken in a light environment and similar to photos shared to our instagram feed. Photos will be used for content/Ad purposes.

Once this is complete, email us ( with your order number and we  will provide a refund up to $250 to your card for your purchase. After this, we will contact you during promoted paid ad periods (usually sales or new product launches) to post again in exchange for monetary compensation. 

To get started, enter your Name, Email ,and social media handles in the space provided below. In the message, Note that you are starting the Content Collaboration with us. We will add you to the list and wait to hear back from you. 


Sponsored Posts

We work with influencers who have an engaged following of over 75k on Sponsored posts and giveaways. If you fall within this range, please email us with your proposed collaboration. Please note that we receive a very high amount of collaboration requests. It is best that you email us with as much information as possible in order to move forward as fast as possible.  Please include your reach, examples of past successful sponsored posts, our products that interest you, and your rates.