Nap & Pack Basket - Design Dua.
Nap & Pack Basket - Design Dua.
Nap & Pack Basket
Nap & Pack Basket
Nap & Pack Basket
Nap & Pack Basket
Design Dua.

Nap & Pack Basket

Standard Latex Foam Pad or Organic Kapok tufted pad. Please read more about mattress pads in our FAQ section.
Cotton textured liner for basket in White. This takes 1 week to be custom made and shipped with basket. Pictures can be found in "Accessories" section.
Add a fitted sheet.

Customizations Total: $0.00 USD

**Please Read Full Item Description & FAQ Page Before Ordering**

What is a Special Request?

This item is available on Special Request only. Total delivery time is 5 Weeks (USA). For international orders, Special Request items will take 5-8 weeks.  If your due date is within 9 weeks, we suggest you order an in stock item. We will be unable to rush or cancel once ordered, if baby comes early. The item is custom made upon order. We can not take rush special requests. Cancellation after order incurs a 18% restock fee. 

Colors: Multi

A Design Dua original design, the Nap & Pack Basket is made to complement your home after use as a moses basket for your newborn. It easily blends into home decor.  This basket can be used as a Moses basket or as a storage basket (laundry, toys). Each basket takes several days to weave from start to finish. The basket comes with a fitted foam mattress. Our baskets are made under strict standards, each is factory steam cleaned and prepared for use.


We do not make basket wall padding, due to its association with SIDS. Custom wall pads can be found on Etsy. The basket comes with a fitted foam mattress of international safety standards.

Comes with 1.5 inch covered foam pad.

We offer organic mattress Pads made from 100% organic kapok fiber. They are filled with kapok fiber and tufted for firmness. They are not as firm as foam by their nature. By selecting the organic option you will not receive the standard foam pad.

Basket & Pad only. Item does not come with additional items pictured in customer photos.
Weight: 3kg

Basket pattern and size may vary slightly due to handmade nature of the product. If unsure, please ask.


Basket external dimensions: 29L x 16W x 10H

Foam mattress size: 28L x 15W x 1.5D (Included) 

This is a latex foam mattress of US & UK bassinet standard recommendation. 

Weight: 3kg

Item is wrapped in plastic and packed in box. 

Patterns may slightly vary. Color may appear differently on some devices.

This product is suitable only for babies up to 9kg (19.84 lbs), who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push up on their hands and knees. 


Moses Baskets are for stationary nap-time use. Although very sturdy, This is NOT a carrying device. We strongly urge you to carry your baby separate from the basket when moving from place to place. This basket can be placed in a moses basket stand based on dimensions. It should not be placed on slippery surfaces. The foam mattress is made to a maximum of 1.5 inches, based on federal standard in the US and UK. 


Cleaning Instructions:

Basket can be wiped or rinsed under water. If the basket is misshaped: (1)  Run under cold water (2) Allow to sit for 5 minutes (3) Gently reshape the basket (4) Allow to fully dry in an airy place, due to natural nature of basket it can mold if left wet.