Imperfect Design Dua Bear Dog Bed "Patterns"

$159.99 USD $109.99 USD

THIS ITEM IS FINAL SALE. It is discounted due to imperfect nature of the basket. There are no exceptions, Final sale. 

This item is reduced due to slightly faded color. This basket has slightly faded in the midnight area. Requires full reshaping. The baskets are brand new but this error occurred during weaving/transit.  Final Sale. .

They are still functional and should be used according to the notes provided on each.

Imperfect items are sold as is, final sale. There are no exchanges or refunds available for this item. Item pictured is of standard sale item without damage. It can not be used as a reason to exchange or refund purchase. 

Item is wrapped in plastic and packed in box. Due to the nature of this item, it may arrive misshaped in transit. Instructions for reshaping are available on our website and youtube.