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Our Handmade Product Selection

Signature Collection
Our Signature Bassinet collection includes various designs of the perfect little sleeping space for your baby.
The most beautiful collection of beds for your fur babies. Functional, Comfortable, and Breathtaking.
Organic Kapok

Organic Kapok

Pure Handmade Baby Products

Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle
Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle

Signature Bilia Bassinet - Organic Bundle

$275.00 USD


Colors: Natural w/ Tan Brown Handles

This is our organic bundle and comes with an Organic Kapok Pad, Liner, Organic Sheet, and Stand. Stand rocks and can be set to stationary position. 

Bilia means Newborn in Gurenɛ, a dialect attributed to the originators of this craft. Made from Elephant Grass, this Moses basket bassinet is beautifully handcrafted for your newborn.

We call our bassinets, "Nature's Bassinets", as they are completely handmade with dried natural elephant grass. Elephant grass is similar to hardened hay. Each basket takes several days to weave from start to finish. 

The basket comes with a fitted foam mattress pad. Baskets are made in a controlled environment according to government issued safety standards. Our products have been tested by a US CPSC approved laboratory for safety. Baskets are not to be used with any other pillows or mattresses. Adding other items to a bassinet can cause suffocation/SIDS.

Our baskets are made under strict standards and sanitary conditions, each is factory woven, steam cleaned, and prepared for use. Raw dried animal hide is not used, Quality leather or cloth is added to each basket.  




Unless otherwise noted, in stock items ship within 3-5 business days. Rush orders ship sooner. Shipping within the continental USA takes 3-5 Business days after dispatch. Shipping to Hawaii & Alaska can take 1-3 weeks as all orders go by USPS. Orders outside of the USA take 1-3 weeks to arrive after shipment. Please note that customs is not included and time at customs can not be controlled by us. 

If the item is Pre-order it will specify when it is expected to restock or to be delivered. We can not rush pre-order items, no matter the circumstance. 

Special Request/Custom orders take up to 6 weeks to be received. These can not be rushed.

Orders to Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Cyprus, Many Eastern European countries, take 3-5 weeks to arrive. 

Important Information

If used as regularly sleeping place, we recommend use with our liner. Baskets are made from natural sturdy materials that are not soft. 

Basket and handle pattern, color, and size may vary slightly due to handmade nature of the product. Each item is completely handwoven from natural materials. Small pieces of grass may stick out over time and can be trimmed. Handles do not rotate completely on axis due to natural grass. 

Item is wrapped in plastic and packed in box. Due to the nature of this item, it may become slightly mishaped in transit. This is normal and is not damage. Instructions for reshaping are available on our website. 

If unsure about anything, please ask, we can email photos.


This product is suitable only for babies up to 9kg (19.84 lbs), who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push up on their hands and knees. Although very sturdy, This is NOT a carrying device. You must carry your baby separate from the basket when moving from place to place. This basket can be placed in a stand based on dimensions. It should not be placed on slippery surfaces. Should not be left unattended in the presence of small children. Must be used under supervision, with Liner, after assembled by an adult.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants sleep on their backs, positioned on a firm, empty surface. This surface should not contain soft objects, toys, pillows, or loose bedding. 


Weight: 3kg

Basket external dimensions: Approximately 29L x 16W x 10H

Cleaning Instructions

Basket can be wiped or rinsed under water. If the basket is misshaped: (1) Run under cold water (2) Allow to sit for 5 minutes (3) Gently reshape the basket (4) Allow to fully dry in an airy place, due to natural nature of basket it can mold if left wet. Liners and Cotton Sheet can be washed Warm and Tumble Low. Pads should be washed with cover and air dried. Please do not wash separately. 


We just received our Moses basket!!! It is absolutely beautiful and made extremely well. This basket will surely pass the test of time. We highly recommend it.

MK Davis

Arrived exactly as it said it would true to size/shape/colour etc. Clear and honest communication with seller. Love this basket and can't wait to have bubs in it!

Sarah Donnelly

I love this bed as much as my two dogs do. The included cushion is very nice too!

Robin J. Beckman

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