Our Process

Our team is managed locally and works to create the best Design, Quality,  & Consistency within our products. 


Design Process

Our design studio located in Ghana is head by our Creative Director and an innovative design team. Many of our baskets are variations of baskets designed by local artisans in Ghana's Upper East. We have invented new designs, that we hope will help expand the basket industry in Ghana. So far we have uniquely designed the Pet Bed Series, The Baby Changing Pad, and the Wall Set. 

Weaving Process

After our team shares designs with the weavers, the dying process is managed to make sure the grass is richly dyed and protected from fading. Training the members of our cooperative helps to make sure we offer the best weaving. As demonstrated below, we have mastered the weaving process (Left) and continue to train more artisans. 

Preparation For Sale

After each basket is woven, it is processed through our facility for steam cleaning and natural preservation. This assures us that our baskets are well cleaned and able to withstand any wear over time. We make sure our products are ready to use, with only the highest quality fitting & accessories. Our vegan handles are made from the highest quality cotton. Leather handles are made with quality and properly cured quality leather.

We aim to meet international standards with both quality and safety in mind.