How-To & Care Instructions

Using Your Basket 

Each of our baskets are handwoven from Elephant grass. At the end of the weaving process, the ends of the grass,  which stick out from each side,  are trimmed. Small pieces of the grass may stick out. Especially where the handles are attached. These can be trimmed easily with scissors. 
If being used on a daily basis for sleep (Overnight & Night), you must use this item with a liner. We have liners made to fit each style bassinet in our accessories section. Bassinet liner should be applied to the basket and the pad must go on top of the liner. The elastic should be pulled down and pad pushed in so that the bedding is taut to the basket. 

Please see safety instructions below. 
Washing your Organic Pad
Our Organic Kapok pad is best used with a waterproof pad and sheet. This way, only spot cleaning is necessary. It is not recommended, but If you feel you have to wash your pad with the kapok in it, you need to spin dry it really fast, and then tumble dry it extremely well, and even better add something in the dryer to give it a really good pummel. Make sure the kapok is completely dry (it could take awhile).

Reshaping Your Basket

Elephant grass becomes soft when wet. This makes it easy to shape the baskets in case it becomes misshapen in the shipping process. Below we have taken a misshaped basket to show you just how easy it is!
To maintain the quality of the basket, do not leave the basket in the sun for long periods of time. Do not use harsh agents to wash the basket. After weaving, the baskets are steam cleaned, shaped, and cured before shipment. If you would like to clean the basket again, you can run it under water as instructed above or use a rag to wipe it down. We can not guarantee that soap or spray cleaners will not damage the basket or be hazardous to the baby. 
This manual is part of the product and must be saved for future reference
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DO NOT LIFT, MOVE, OR CARRY the basket with your baby inside of it. FALL HAZARD: Child’s movement can slide carrier. NEVER place carrier near edges of counter tops, tables, or other elevated surfaces. • Basket should always be placed on a firm, flat surface. It should never be placed near stairs. To help prevent falls, do not use this product when infant begins to push up on hands and knees OR has reached manufacturer’s recommended weight, whichever comes first. For use until your baby is 15 Ibs. (7.3 kg), OR when Baby can push up, roll over, or crawl – whichever limit comes first NEVER LEAVE CHILD UNNATTENDED. SUFFOCATION HAZARD – Infant carrier can roll over on soft surfaces and suffocate. NEVER place carrier beds, sofas, or other soft surfaces. NEVER add a mattress, pillow, comforter, or padding. Use ONLY the pad and/or bedding provided by the manufacturer. If a sheet is used with a pad, use only the one provided with the basket or one from Design Dua Co. or one that is specifically designed to fit the dimension of the mattress provided. Only a fitted sheet, mattress pad and/or waterproof pad should be used under baby. Use ONLY a fabric liner designed for your specific basket dimensions. • TO REDUCE THE RISK OF SIDS: pediatricians recommend that healthy infants be placed on the backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician. •NEVER use plastic bags inside the basket such as to cover the mattress. • DO NOT allow other children or pets to climb or lean into/onto the basket when your infant is inside. •DO NOT attach or place toys with strings in or around the basket. Strings can cause strangulation or choking. • Keep basket away from stoves, heaters, camp fires/flames, fireplaces, stairs, open windows, window blinds, running or standing water, and any other hazard which could cause injury to your baby. • Infant carriers not intended for use as infant restraint devices in motor vehicles. NEVER use this carrier as a means to transport an infant in a motor vehicle. REVIEW AND RETAIN MANUAL THAT CAME WITH THE PRODUCT. IF REPLACEMENT MANUAL IS NEEDED, CONTACT DESIGN DUA Co.

  1. Moses Basket
  1. Foam Mattress Pad 
DO NOT use this Moses Basket if it is damaged or broken. If desired, launder the liner and sheet before use. Please note that the cover to the foam pad is not a sheet. The foam inner should not be removed and washed separately from the material which covers it. 
Follow the Care Instructions below.
Inspect the basket and make sure all grass is trimmed. This is a natural product, Please use scissors if any grass is sticking out. Make sure to trim any grass before use with the baby. This can be done with normal scissors. Due to friction at the base of the handles, grass may stick out over time. This can be trimmed without damaging the basket. Put the Mattress Pad making sure all edges of the sheet wrap around the sides to the underside of the pad. Loose bedding can pose a danger to your baby. Place Liner in the basket first and put Mattress Pad into the basket, on top of the liner, and push it down firmly around the edges to make sure it’s properly fitted. Liners sold on should be used if the item is used for a daily sleeping space. We can only guarantee that liners purchased on will fit your basket.  DO NOT ADD extra blankets, pillows, or toys to the basket this may cause suffocation.