The Difference

A study released by the G-Lish Foundation in 2014 revealed that Basket Weavers in the Northern part of Ghana found it difficult to earn income from basket weaving.When selling their baskets on market day, many weavers do not take into account the costs incurred to produce their baskets. This leads them to sell at a price that may make it difficult for them to earn beyond their costs.  


The basket weaving process is done completely by hand and very time consuming. Each weaver goes to buy materials then uses gas and water to color the grass with the dye. The weaving process for market baskets can take up to 2 days, Moses Baskets can take 4-6 days. After the basket is completed, they use their funds to get to the market to find a buyer. At the market baskets are sold to agents who resell to wholesalers, who then sell the baskets to retailers around the world.
Design Dua joins other organizations in the effort to promote trade not aid and offer opportunity to more independent artisans throughout the region. Our Fair Market Day program gives weavers the opportunity to join a cooperative that truly makes a difference. 

Fair Market Day

Since we started our cooperative this year, we have implemented fixed pricing guidelines for all of our products which is a 50% increase or more of what was previously received by weavers. This means that all of our members are paid at or above the minimum wage depending on output. Our scheme is also bringing awareness to other weavers about fair compensation. We give every artisan access to training and large purchase orders through guidance and access to proper materials. Our team interacts with our artisans daily, we do not work with agents.


Quality Control 

 We take great pride in our basket weaving which are made with the utmost quality and craftsmanship. This is a result of our training techniques and factory finishing processes. Our baskets are well measured, shaped, and protected from fading due to poor quality dying. Our designs are made in collaboration with the artisans and our management team. We strive to give you products of the utmost quality to last for years to come. 


Community Impact

 We aim to create an environment that allows weavers to truly benefit from the fruits of their labor.  Every artisan that works with us does so in an effort to earn income. The artisans work hard to make each product and have the right to be treated fairly in the process. Artisans in our cooperative have the opportunity to receive work benefits like traditional employees and to further their skill set by working at one of our craft centers. We strive to create more learning opportunities and community projects in the years to come.