Waterproof Cotton Crib Sheet - Muslin

$28.00 USD $19.99 USD

This soft and subtle crib sheet is made for comfort, function, and design. Made from loosely woven cotton fabric creating a soft wavy muslin sheet with waterproof inner lining. Available in Natural Plain or Multicolored Hearts. 

Designed to fit standard crib mattresses. The sheets have deep pockets and breathable fabric that’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Each sheet is lined with Food Grade PUL to create a waterproof shield that protects your crib mattress. 

• Soft and breathable fabric (Cotton Muslin Woven)
• Gentle on baby’s delicate skin
• Size: 52” long x 28” wide x 9” deep Pockets
• Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle; tumble dry on low or air dry. No Heat. 


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