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Can someone assist me with my selection?

We love helping customers find the right item for their nursery. Please email us at team@designdua.com, we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Our offices are not open on Weekends but we will attend to your concern as soon as we can. 

Shipping and Order Changes

Please note that once an order is placed we cannot edit, add to, or make changes. Please double check your shipping address and cart contents before ordering. We can not guarantee a cancellation or change to any order. Please see our return policy.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO Boxes within the USA. APO/FPO shipments may delay (Please see more below). Shipping charges are per address. Shipping charges are non-inclusive of VAT, Customs, and Duty Charges on orders placed outside of the USA. 

Please note that orders of our items made on Houzz, Amazon, or other shops are subject to those store policies. If you ordered on another website it is best to read all information available to you on that site and contact their customer service department regarding any issues.

We are here to help you. Please be patient, we are a small team.

When should I place my order?

For Precaution, in case of early delivery, Please place your order at least 4 weeks before your due date (8 weeks international). If your order is needed within a few days, please select express shipping. We can not rush an item with standard shipping if you request it by email after the order. Only Express shipments will be rushed. We are unable to rush your order once it is shipped out. 

What if I miss delivery?

Please be aware that the courier does not hold packages for more than 3-5 Days (Standard). This means that they will return your package to us if you do not communicate with them for delivery. We have no control over shipping companies. All items that require double shipment will incur an 18% restock fee. 

Can you do a price match for me on the item I purchased before a sale?

Sorry, all sales are for the specified time period. We can not apply a sale to previously purchased products.

What is your refund process?

Please refer to our return policy page.

About the Baskets

What is the process involved in making the baskets?

Baskets are handwoven with elephant grass, sissal grass, wicker, or paper rope. Elephant grass is similar to hay in color and texture. After it is woven, it must be trimmed. It takes several days to split, roll, dye, and weave the grass into beautiful creative and useful items. After the baskets are complete they are steam cleaned and accessorized.  

What is the difference between your baskets and other similar baskets?

Design Dua baskets are the only factory made elephant grass baby products in West Africa. Our items are made to meet a professional and international standard in a clean and standardized environment. Our designs are original and as the originators of the product, our experience allows us to provide the best product on the market.

Can I use your basket with accessories and loungers from other brands?

Many of our customers use the bassinets with loungers from other brands. You can see how this is done by reviewing tagged photos on our instagram page. We can not guarantee use with products we do not make.  Please remember that when unattended, baby should sleep with only the firm foam or organic pad and secured liner on the basket. Bassinet should only be placed on flat surfaces or in Design Dua Stands. Do not add extra blankets, sheets, toys or loungers when sleeping. 

Basket Colors and Variations

Our baskets are dyed in a traditional manner by mixing and boiling powdered colors to achieve specific colors. For instance, yellow and blue are mixed to make green. Environmental factors heavily influence the coloring of the baskets. The natural elephant grass varies in color but it is initially green. The dried grass is a form of yellow-beige/brown.  This serves as the base color, which affects the final result. This is natural and we can not change this. As a result, when dyed certain colors can vary slightly. We can not guarantee specific tones of colors. Natural baskets are not dyed and their color is the same, dried grass. If you have any questions, please email team@designdua.com before your order is placed. Please see more on colors below. 

Understanding our Baskets

We sell handmade baskets made from Elephant grass. They are hand dyed and woven. Due to the handmade nature of the basket, variations may occur. The grass is dried and handwoven. It is similar to straw and very sturdy. This material is not similar to traditional palm leaf moses baskets, it is harder. Our baskets are of the highest quality and any that are not neatly woven are not sold. Each basket is completely handwoven, as a result they are not perfect by nature. This also applies to our handmade mud cloth items.

Basket liners are sold in the accessories section of our site. If the item is not used with a liner intentionally, we will be unable to refund due to the texture of the item. 

Due to the nature of the basket , pieces of grass may stick out (especially near the handles after use). These pieces of grass can be trimmed closely with scissors. You must routinely check the item to make sure no tiny grass pieces need trimming. Please understand that it is a natural product and can not be left in damp rooms or wet without fully drying it. 



Our colored baskets are traditionally dyed. This means that powdered colors are mixed, boiled, and the grass is submerged in the color. The colors are based on the Primary color system and mixtures must be used to get certain colors.

For example; Green + Yellow= Blue.

All colors may vary due to the fact that they are dyed using the natural grass as a base. This grass can vary in color from yellow-green to off white. This is what causes variation in coloring because it serves as a third color. As a result, we can not guarantee specific color tones (Rust brown vs. terracotta brown or Dark Blue vs. Navy Blue). Our darkest colors are mixed to achieve our Midnight color which is the closest to black. If you have any concerns about the color selection you wish to choose, please email our customer service to receive feedback about the specific item that will ship to you. This must be done before the order. Due to courier shipment times, orders are prepared as quickly as possible and dispatched. 


Our baskets handles are finished with either Moroccan Leather over straw handles, Vegan cloth handles made with durable heavy felt like material, or plain raw grass handles. We do not use vegan leather to make our baskets,  due to elasticity issues it will not withstand the test of time over the straw. Our vegan baskets are made to suit our vegan customers. We are unable to change the handles once shipped.  

Are your products made with safe materials?

Our products are made with dried elephant grass, powdered dyes, and lac. They are 100% lead free. We do not use pesticides when growing the grass. The dyes are similar to those used in toys, clothes, utensils, and furniture. The dye does not rub off, it is sealed within the grass. This does not create a risk of ingestion or inhalation for your baby. There are no Flame Retardants, Phthalates, or other heavy metals. ALL VINTAGE ITEMS ARE POLISHED, LIKE WOOD.

Our handles are made from cotton/polyester cloth or Moroccan leather. Our pads come in foam or 100% organic unprocessed kapok fiber with cotton covers. Firm Foam pads are recommended by most government regulatory bodies for infant sleep. Our organic mattresses are for those who have an aversion to foam. Our liners are made from GOTS organic cotton or Pique.

Which Mattress should I select?

Our pads come in synthetic foam or 100% organic unprocessed Kapok fiber. Both are safe for sleep.

What sheets are compatible with your baskets ?

Classic cotton sheets are available on drop down for orders made on Designdua.com. You can also find additional sheets under Accessories. 

What stands are compatible with your baskets ?

The most compatible and safe stands for our baskets are those available on our website. They are safety tested accordingly. Design Dua baskets are not compatible with stands that do not offer center support and this may damage the integrity of the basket.  

Stockists & Wholesale 

Do you sell wholesale?

We do work with stores around the world to retail our products. We supply ready to shelve high quality handmade products. We fulfill large and custom orders. Please contact us at hello@designdua.com for more information. 

Do you work with other stores?

Yes. We work with other sellers of baskets, children's goods, and home decor to share our products with the world. We have had tremendous support from other small businesses. If you would like to purchase our products in person, we may be able to refer you to a vendor in your area. 

Please note that we are not affiliated with The Gypsy Wolf Boutique or FitBohemianBlonde. Any correspondence from this shop or individual is in no way approved by our shop.