Important Product Safety Notice

Over the last year, we have received several complaints from Amazon customers regarding the safety, quality, and compatibility of their items. Although marketed as so, these items were NOT authentic Design Dua Bassinets and were thus not safety tested appropriately. Our company has reached out to Amazon on several accounts regarding this but ultimately, it is a retailers responsibility to make sure items are safe for use (Amazon was sued by the CPSC for this). Unfortunately, many unscrupulous retailers will sell an item regardless of safety requirements. Safety testing is very important to make sure an item does not cause suffocation, contain unsafe chemicals, has proper labeling, and can not tip or break during normal use. 

Due to this, As of August 1, 2023, We will no longer offer our Signature Bilia Bassinets or Nap & Pack Bassinets, on We have safely served over 100,000 families and this will continue to help us make sure baskets made by our communities in Ghana retain a reputation for safety. If you placed or received an order on for this item, and the vendor was not Design Dua, it is NOT made by us and any safety, compatibility, or quality concerns should be routed through the seller.  We thank you for your support and dedication to keeping our little ones safe. 

You can still safely purchase our bassinets on the following Websites: