Return Policy

Return Policy



All returns and exchanges incur a 18% Restocking Fee and return shipping must be taken care of by the buyer. If your order is incorrect when it arrives, this does not apply. Returns must be completely unused and made within 15 days of receipt of the item. We can not accept the return of items received as gifts outside of the return window. Please consider buying a gift certificate for gift recipients. 

Returned products must be NEW, UNUSED, and in their original packaging with ALL labels and tags still attached. You must contact us for return instructions prior to your return, please include your order number. 

Due to the nature of this product we are unable to change our return policy under any circumstances. If you decide to return the item outside of the return window we will be unable to honor the request. 

Please note:

  • All return shipping charges and materials are your responsibility.
  • The original handling fee and/or shipping charges or express shipping charges are non-refundable. 18% Restock Fee Applies to all Returns.
  • The condition and packaging of a returned product must be as it was when received, complete with all labels, original box(es), original packaging, and manuals/instructions.
  • If you refuse the delivery of a package, you'll be charged for return fees.
  • Misuse of the product or wear over time is not eligible for free refund.

Damaged Packages


If the item arrives damaged, please reject the package. Especially if the box looks as though it has been wet. The shipping company will return the item to us for a claim. If the damage was not visible at the time of arrival, please send photos of this to our customer care team: This review must be done immediately when package is received. Unfortunately, we can not replace items that have been used and damaged over time. 

If you must see an item before purchase, please contact us to find out if we stock in any stores near you. If you have specific needs or questions about materials used, please ask in advance. 


Product Variations- 

All of our items are completely handmade. There may be slight variations in the patterns or colors as seen. Our products are handmade and are really for those who enjoy the uniqueness of that.  If you are viewing the item on your phone, please turn up the screen brightness to be sure that you are viewing the color properly. If you are unsure about any part of your order, please email us at We are happy to help you with your selection and get your order right. We are sorry, we can not do exchanges.  

Payment with e-Checks

All orders placed with e-checks or unverified payment methods will not ship until payment is received. 

Understanding our Baskets-

We sell handmade baskets made from Elephant grass. The grass is dried and handwoven. Our baskets are of the highest quality and any that are too rigid or misshapen are not sold. Our baskets are made from sturdy elephant grass. This is hardened grass similar to hay. Instructions on safe upkeep are on our website. Please understand that it is a natural basket and we can not do returns based on this.

Please do not leave the product in damp rooms or wet without fully drying it. It is a natural grass basket and can be damaged by overexposure to water, moisture, or natural elements. It should not be left outdoors. Please follow the instructions provided in your package and on our website.  


We ship worldwide. By purchasing our item, you are the "importer of record" and customs may contact you to ask about the item purchased.  In some countries customs will inspect your item. We have experienced that customs in some locations is worse than others (Spain). Recently, orders to the US also spend quite some time in customs. If your item is delayed or opened by customs and inspected, please understand that government functions are not under our control. If anything goes wrong, we will work with you to solve the problem.  

Please be kind to our customer service team.