Malaika Bassinet *New*

$199.99 USD
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Restocks April 25th

Ships only to the Continental USA due to weight.

The Malaika Bassinet is a beautiful Moses basket handcrafted from sisal grass and straw. 

  • Safe for overnight sleep.
  • Comes with firm mattress 
  • Also comes with a GOTS Cotton sheet.
  • Does not work with our Bassinet liners. It is smooth and used without. 
  • Vegan Grass Handles
  • Can be paired with loungers during daytime attended use. Works best with the Moses Pod, available as an optional choice.

Does Not Include Stand. Please note this bassinet is 12 lbs in weight when empty. It is very sturdy but also heavy. 

*Important*- Bassinet is smooth does not require liner. Does not require reshaping. If propping baby up or using a lounger/Extra Pillow, you must be awake and supervising baby.