Moses Pod & Sleep Essentials Bundle (4 Colors Available)

$149.97 USD $89.99 USD

This is an Amazing discounted Bundle of our Moses Pod ,knotted gown, and pre-folded swaddle! Our essentials are the softest you will find! This is an amazing gift and bundle for a newborn. 

Moses Pod 

The lounger is to be used for daytime supervised lounging in your bassinet. When baby is unattended or during overnight sleep, only the provided flat firm pad should be used in the bassinet. 

  • Fits perfectly in bassinets from 29"L x 16"W to 33"L x 19"W
  • Works with our Bilia Bassinet, Nap & Pack Bassinet, Ark Bassinet, & Malaika Bassinet
  • 100% Organic Cotton Tight quilted cover
  • Has an attached firm cover, Removable by Zipper- No Loose Fabric
  • Filled with Pure Fiber Fill- No Flame Retardants
  • Lightly Padded center, can be used on firm surfaces
  • Helps soothe baby 
  • Removable cover or full item can be washed
  • Comes with waterproof terry cloth center pad cover
  • Perfect for lounging, tummy time, travel 
  • Comes with two handles for easy folded carrying

As with all loungers, this item Must be used according to the directions. It is not used for overnight or unattended sleep. 

Knotted Gown & Swaddle 

      • This popular knotted sleeping gown is made with super soft Organic fabric and buttons. Light weight with knotted bottom for easy night time nappy changes. Wide enough to enable the baby to sleep in a correct hip position. Features cuff fold over mittens to prevent scratching, and full front opening featuring organic olive tree buttons.
      • This simple and versatile swaddle is pre-folded to allow for an easy and quick swaddling experience. Super soft and stretchy, it mimics the standard swaddle but is easier to use. This blanket can be used as a nursing cover as well! 



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