Ark Moses Bundle

$229.98 USD $199.99 USD

This is a discounted Bundle of our Ark Bassinet, Moses Pod & Bedding. 


1 x Ark Bassinet 

1 x Ark Bassinet Bedding 

1 x Moses Pod

Moses Pod is for lounging only. Bassinet comes with firm foam pad for unattended and overnight sleep. 

**Stand Not Included**

Ark Bassinet:

The Ark Bassinet is a beautiful Moses basket handcrafted from papyrus. This bassinet is themed after the story of Moses who was placed in what was called the "Ark of Moses". It was described as a small boat made of papyrus or reed.

  • Safe for overnight sleep.
  • Comes with firm mattress & cotton cover bedding. 
  • Also comes with a waterproof sheet made of cotton & pul material. 
  • Vegan Cloth Handles with soft washable covers. 
  • Very spacious 32"L x 18"W  , can be paired with loungers during daytime attended use. Works best with the Moses Pod, available as an optional choice.
  • Works with Design Dua Bassinet Stands. 
  • Design Dua Stands Sit Perfectly Next to the bed to keep baby near. 

*Important*- Bassinet is not to be wet. Does not require reshaping. Is not to be used for unattended sleep with any other pad, lounger, or pillow than the firm pad provided. If propping baby up or using a lounger, you must be awake and supervising baby. 

Moses Pod 

The lounger is to be used for daytime supervised lounging in your bassinet. When baby is unattended or during overnight sleep, only the provided flat firm pad should be used in the bassinet. 

  • Fits perfectly in bassinets from 29"L x 16"W to 33"L x 19"W
  • 100% Organic Cotton Tight quilted cover
  • Has an attached firm cover, Removable by Zipper- No Loose Fabric
  • Filled with Pure Fiber Fill- No Flame Retardants
  • Lightly Padded center, can be used on firm surfaces
  • Helps soothe baby 
  • Removable cover or full item can be washed
  • Perfect for lounging, tummy time, travel 
  • Comes with two handles for easy folded carrying

As with all loungers, this item Must be used according to the directions. It is not used for overnight or unattended sleep. 

This product is suitable only for babies up to 18lbs, who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push up on their hands and knees. 

This item and all accessories are made for only Design Dua products as stated.