Design Dua "Donut" Dog Bed

$140.00 USD

**Please Read Full Description**

This Complimentary dog basket is made to pair with the popular Donut Bed or Donut Cuddler sold on Amazon. Please match the selected size with your Donut bed size dimensions, it fits perfectly inside! 

**Donut Cushion Not Included**

Design Dua won the HGTV Best New Product award for our unique use of traditional Ghanaian craft techniques and innovative design to invent this new product. Made from Natural Elephant Grass. It is beautifully handcrafted for your dog. Each basket takes several days to weave from start to finish. No fur babies are harmed in the process of making this product.

Basket pattern, color, and size may vary slightly due to handmade nature of the product. Please read our FAQ section regarding variations prior to purchase. If unsure, please email


Basket external dimensions (Handmade May Vary):

Large: 36"

Medium: 30"

Small: 23"

Weight: 8 kg

Item is wrapped in plastic and packed in box. 



Basket - made of all natural elephant grass & dyes 

Does Not Include Donut Cushion

Cleaning Instructions:

Basket can be wiped or rinsed under water. If the basket is misshaped: (1)  Run under cold water (2) Allow to sit for 5 minutes (3) Gently reshape the basket (4) Allow to fully dry in an airy place, due to natural nature of basket it can mold if left wet.