Rocking Stand Part Replacements

$5.00 USD

Part replacements for lost parts on the Modern Rocking Stand and Stationary Stand.

Available Parts:

Rubber Strap indicated as Part F for the Modern Rocking Stand & Part D on Stationary.

  • Plain opaque in color. May or may not match perfectly with the straps your stand has. If slight variance concerns you , please order a set of two. White is not available.
  • Does not come with Screws
  • Please note that this item is used to stop the basket from slipping from the stand. It is not to be used as a handle or pulling strap when in use. It is not to be used to carry and move the stand. This will cause damage. It is not to be screwed too tightly as to damage the integrity of the material. 

Screws For Modern Rocking Stand - Screw pack with various screws for stand assembly. Please note that stands made before 2021 may have some different screws but most should be able to use the pack.  

All Spare Parts are Final Sale