Handwoven Changing Basket: Midnight Diamond - Tan

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**Please Read Full Item Description & FAQ Page Before Ordering. Please Send Inquiries to Team@DesignDua.com Prior to Placing an Order.**

Color: Midnight Pattern with Tan Leather Handles + Foam Pad

Colors: Midnight & Natural (Midnight is our darkest mixture of colors that resembles black. It may have deep purple or blue hues in sunlight.)

Tan Leather Handles vary within the Tan Brown color range. Leather is upcycled in batches. 

A Design Dua Innovative Design, The Baby Changing Basket.

This basket is handwoven to perfection as the perfect addition to your baby's room. Instead of the normal drab changing pad, this basket will bring beauty to your dresser. This is an absolutely lovely baby shower gift!

Made from Elephant Grass and Dyes this basket bassinet is beautifully handcrafted for your newborn. Elephant grass is similar to hay. Each basket is completely handmade from start to finish. Our products are of the highest quality weaving and finishing. Natural grass is sealed to protect from insects and molding.


Comes with covered foam pad. (Pictured)

Basket & Pad only. Item does not come with additional items pictured in customer photos unless added

Comes with covered foam pad. (Pictured)

Add Ons:

Pique Liner & Plain Sheet- Lightweight Pique fabric with plain cotton sheet (not-waterproof)

GOTS Liner & Waterproof Sheet- Organic Bedding Option


Weight: 3kg

Basket external dimensions: 29L x 16W x 3H

Item is wrapped in plastic and packed in box.

Patterns may slightly vary. Color may appear differently on some devices. Color is hand dyed and may vary. Please be aware of this upon purchase. Our items are handmade, no machinery is used.

**This is a decorative baby changing pad. Baby should not be left unattended on dresser top and basket should not be used for sleeping. Please use a non-slip liner/screws to secure this item to the top of your dresser. **

Measures 29L x 16W