Organic Signature Moses Pod Bundle

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**Please Read Full Item Description & FAQ Page Before Ordering**

This is a discounted Bundle of our Signature Bilia Bassinet or Nap & Pack Bassinet, Organic Kapok Pad, Moses Pod & Bedding. 


1 x Signature Bilia Bassinet or Nap & Pack - Natural with Tan Brown Handles

1 x Organic Kapok Pad

1 x Moses Pod

1 x Bilia Bassinet or Nap & Pack Bedding

Moses Pod is for lounging only. Bassinet comes with firm foam pad for unattended and overnight sleep. 

**Stand Not Included**

Colors: Natural w/ Tan Brown Handles (Please note that natural grass is not beige or off white in color. It is green grass which is dried to its lightest state. It is similar to the color of hay, with some brown pieces throughout. Leather may vary slightly.

Our Bassinet is:

  • Safe for Newborn Sleep. 
  • Comes with fitted foam pad.
  • Measures Approximately 29" x 16" Inches. 
  • Comes with and should be used with the Bedding for Bilia or Nap & Pack Bassinet , which is a basket liner and fitted sheet. 
  • Foam pad is safe for sleep, no flame retardants. Organic option is available under accessories. 

Our Baskets are:

1. Flame Retardant, Lead, and Pesticide Free
2. US Safety Tested and Facility Prepared Baby Products
3. Made with professionally manufactured cloth and leather products
4. Safe for Newborn Sleep

Items Measure Approx. 29" x 16" Inches

Bassinet Bedding:

Inner lining made from cotton to be used with Bilia or Nap & Pack Bassinet. Must be used if basket will be used for sleep. Stretchy with Elastic rim to safely secure the cover to the basket. Comes with waterproof sheet.

Organic Kapok Pad

Our organic mattress pad is filled with organic Kapok fiber. This Kapok fiber is not bleached or processed it is picked straight from the tree. It is 100% pure We hand pick the seeds out of it and fill it into a cotton cover. It is button pinned to add firmness. 

Moses Pod 

The lounger is to be used for daytime supervised lounging in your bassinet. When baby is unattended or during overnight sleep, only the provided flat firm pad should be used in the bassinet. 

  • Fits perfectly in bassinets from 29"L x 16"W to 33"L x 19"W
  • 100% Organic Cotton Tight quilted cover
  • Has an attached firm cover, Removable by Zipper- No Loose Fabric
  • Filled with Pure Fiber Fill- No Flame Retardants
  • Lightly Padded center, can be used on firm surfaces
  • Helps soothe baby 
  • Removable cover or full item can be washed
  • Perfect for lounging, tummy time, travel 
  • Comes with two handles for easy folded carrying

As with all loungers, this item Must be used according to the directions. It is not used for overnight or unattended sleep. 

This product is suitable only for babies up to 18lbs, who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push up on their hands and knees. 

This item and all accessories are made for only Design Dua products as stated.